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Moqui Cave is a museum depicting life in southern Utah spanning the centuries. It houses Native American Artifacts, dinosaur tracks, fluorescent mineral, rocks and fossils. 


The cave itself has quite a unique history- The late Garth and Laura Chamberlain purchased the cave in 1951 and turned it into Southern Utahs first dance hall and bar. During the week, one could grab a bite to eat and something cool to drink at their fully functional bar and a live band would come play on Friday and Saturday nights. A museum was always in their sights, as Garth studied Geology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. The exhibits on display are his personal findings after years of studies and collecting. They include more than 1,000 arrowheads, ceremonial points, jugs, pots, bowls and working tools from the Puebloan Era. There is a sizeable collection of dinosaur tracks and fossils, most of which were found in the surrounding area. Their fluorescent mineral displays is one of the largest in the U.S. 


Moqui Cave also has a gift/rock shop which features items for purchase, including Native American arts and crafts, rugs, pottery, and turquoise. The rock shop has a wide variety of fossils, rocks, and minerals found locally and throughout the world. 


Bus tours are welcome

Garth & Laura Chamberlain
Owner from:1951-1988

Garth and Laura were the original founders of Moqui Cave. Garth grew up in Southern Utah and was always fascinated by the histories that surround the area. It led him to studied Geology, Archaeology, and Paleontology, at Brigham Young University. He started collecting at a young age and never stopped. On display are he and Laura's collections and life work .

Lex & Lee Anne Chamberlain
Owner From: 1989-2016

Lex is the youngest child of Garth and Laura. After Garth's passing in 1988 he and his wife, LeeAnne, took over the business. While garth did most of the collecting, Lex and Lee Anne have improved the cave to its current state. Lex passed away in 2016 and now LeeAnne is the current owner and operator of the museum.

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