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Entrance to Moqui Cave

Native American Jewelry

Most of our jewelry is handmade sterling silver and genuine stones, from 4 different tribes in the area.

Fluorescent Minerals

Don't forget to take a picture with the Stegosaurus

Early Pioneer Antiquities

large collection of handmade art done by Garth Chamberlain (the original founder)

Clean Restrooms

Original cash register (over 140 years old) we still use today!

Enter the Teepee and into the fluorescent mineral room!

Fossils, Gems, & minerals Inside!

Original bar from 1952 handmade by Garth Chamberlain


Stop in and get a sticker for your car, cooler, or hydroflask!


Souvenirs for everyone!


Artifacts found in the Southern Utah area.

Raptor Sand pit

Your kids will love our Dino Dig Sand Pit with a Velociraptor skeleton

Or just come to enjoy the view :)

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